Thursday, June 09, 2005

"Who you gonna call?"

I received my 88mph Studios e-mail news update today reminding me that I have less than 48 hours to order the Ghostbusters: Legion hardcover, something that will not be distributed through comic stores and is available only through the 88mph website.

Originally, I was all gung-ho to get this baby. Legion is/was one of my favourite minis of last year but I'm finding the cost to be a big hurdle to get over at the moment. The book itself costs $24.95 US and there's an additional $13.00 US shipping charge. All totalled, that's about $47.00 CAN and I have to ask myself, are the four issues, the Winston Zeddemore convention special and an intro by Dan Aykroyd enough to justify that?

I'm staring at my credit card as I write this but I feel a bit like the hotel manager in the first movie when he gets billed for the removal of the Class 5 Free-Floating Vapour known as Slimer: "I had no idea it would cost this much. I'm not paying this."

And this might be my only chance to get this, too. Knowing 88mph Studios, when Sebastien says this may be the only collection for Legion, he's probably telling the truth. These guys are small fry and produce only the Ghostbusters material. This is no Dreamwave or IDW or whatever with licenses up the wazoo and a half dozen or more books to throw at you.

I have some time yet to deliberate. Feel free to chime in and goad me on or steer me clear.

Until next time...