Thursday, December 27, 2007

Three Years

Happy anniversary to me.

It was three years ago today that I decided to hit the web and create one of those blog things everyone and their dog was talking about. It was something that I avoided for a while, mostly because I'm generally slow to jump on any internet bandwagon, but also because I was never really sure what to do with one if I started one up.

For all intents and purposes, I still don't know what to 'do' with it other than use it as an occasional soapbox or a way to keep the writing muscles from completely atrophying. I've tried the regular review thing and that doesn't seem to be working too well for me. I've also tried the online diary thing, the linkblog, and toyed a bit with an interview blog, but the 'glove', as it were, doesn't quite fit just yet.

Hopefully in the new year I'll do a little more in the way of regular posting and, fingers crossed, get to writing some of the things I discussed in the last few posts, like my Indy reviews and what-not (I know you're all biting your nails through waiting for me to get right on that, by the way).

Anyway, we'll see you in 2008!

Onwards and upwards!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Am Lethargy

Well, that might be taking it a little too far, really, but it has been waaaay too long since I made a post on the blog. There were a couple of attempts in the last week or two, but nothing that really made it through. We have been pretty busy, of late, what with Jen finding a job and me taking the promotion and Christmas being here and all that. Still, like most bloggers at one time or another, I just couldn't find the time, or energy, to sit down and contribute a post for whatever reason.

This time out, I wanted to extend my heartiest Christmas wishes to everybody out there in the blogosphere and beyond, and to wish everyone all the best in the New Year (in case I don't make it on again until then). I probably should be on in the next day or so because I did want to talk about the new film I Am Legend, which I just saw tonight, and also to commemorate the blog's anniversary which is coming up in a scant few days (if I'm feeling productive, I may even join the masses and cook up a year end list like proper bloggers do).

Take care everyone, and to all a good-night.


Friday, December 07, 2007

Promotion Time

Well, it's official. I got a promotion at work the other day and I will be the new GD2 at the Co-op Home Centre on Avenue C. It's not a bad deal, really. I get a pay raise of about a buck, my wage cap is raised, and I have a little more that I'm supposed to do around the store. I'll be managing the electrical department, which is funny since I don't know much about electrical stuff, but time and a little work should make all the difference.

In a couple of months or so I'll probably try and make another jump to Building Materials Clerk which will be nice cash-flow-wise.

Then we just need to set up Jen with something and we just might achieve that comfort zone we've been trying to hit for the last few years.

Knock wood.

Onwards and upwards!


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Time is Not on My Side

Man, I'm just not finding the time to come on and blog these days. Between my work, the kids' stuff, and Jen looking for a job, what little time I do have during the day I don't generally spend sitting at the computer. I feel bad, though, especially after making plans to do a bunch of reviews (all of which I will get to, in time). Still, if your heart's not in it, your heart's not in it.

Anyway, I just wanted to get a post in before it dragged on for too long without and to update the situation for anyone who actually bothers to check this blog out.

I'll be back when I can.

Onwards and upwards!