Saturday, July 16, 2011

LEGO Architects Series

Sasha Grey (yup, that Sasha Grey) recently tweeted about this and when I saw it cross by on my twitter feed I just had to post something about it. To be honest, I think I had heard of these at some point before and logged them for future mention somewhere because I have this odd familiarity with these sets, but clearly the knowledge was lost in the mists of time so I thank Sasha for 'reminding' me of them because my friend Carly from Citric Sugar would probably think these were pretty cool. Well, at the very least, one of them.

These things are pretty classy and I'm glad LEGO did them. In my mind, it sure beats another Harry Potter or Star Wars set.



Thursday, July 14, 2011

You're Surrounded!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have a couple on deck in my head but I've been avoiding sitting in front of the computer and just getting them down. Until such events occur, I give you a seminar on surround sound for you cineastes, tech geeks or audiophiles.

Watch live streaming video from dolbylabs at

Yeah, it's a couple hours. Yeah, it's all about sound in movies. I know. But if I find it interesting, someone else out there must also be intrigued, n'est ce pas?

Au revoir!


Monday, July 04, 2011

I Get By With A Little Help...

I quoth the Beatles as my subject line for this post because I wanted to stress how important it is to create relationships with the people who work at the establishments you frequent.

Case in point, I was having some trouble with accessing my library account earlier this week when I wanted to renew a few books I had out. For whatever reason, the online service was shutting me out of the system and claiming my account was already in use by the system. I couldn't renew, I started accumulating fines. This went on for a couple of days and I finally got a chance to go in to my local library and talk to the folks that I deal with there on a regular basis. I explained my situation, they trusted me implicitly (as they should), and they not only erased any fines that accumulated during the problem period, but also anything else that was lingering on the account.

It helps that we're also well known for paying off any fines that gather up, and we generally have no problem doing so because we basically look at it as a donation to the library since those funds do help them continue to function in the capacity they do. So, that, combined with a healthy bit of face recognition and a good reputation, pretty much went a good ways to making my day today. It was a nice way to cap off a rather strange day at work (something I won't expand on).

I guess the moral of the story (possibly a first for a Meanwhile... post) is to not be a jerk, be friendly and courteous, and what goes around will come around.

Or, as another famous rock group is known for saying, be excellent to each other.



Saturday, July 02, 2011

O, Canada Day

This is a day late (was working all day yesterday and then had to hit Mother-in-Law's for her 60th Birthday party) but I saw this today and it is the best tribute I could think of to honour Canada Day, even if it is a belated one.