Friday, June 10, 2005

Bogosian on the R.O.A.D.

I'm pretty sure I'd heard about this somewhere but Bogosian himself put it to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that he will be doing a series (mini or otherwise, I don't know) for DC/Vertigo called R.O.A.D.

I'm working on various fronts, a couple of plays. The book-writing thing is so intense, physically intense, but I will begin another one. I'm also doing a graphic novel for DC/Vertigo, R.O.A.D., this dystopian, slightly futuristic thing where I knock out a book a month.

I've followed Bogosian's work ever since I saw him in the controversial and brilliantly performed Talk Radio, a little 1988 Oliver Stone movie that nobody remembers or cares about. Anyway, this is one of those times where gettin someone outside of comics to write something has actually piqued my interest. I'll be looking out for more on this one.


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