Monday, June 20, 2005

And the Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour Begins...

Okay, as I said before, I've just seen the new Batman flick and I thought it was pretty freaking great. And being me, I have, in the last 12 hours, begun scouring the internet for interviews and interesting information on the film, its creators and whatever miscellany I can get my hands on. For anyone who knows me this should come as no surprise. My wife rues the day I find a new 'project' to divert my attention towards because it really is an all-consuming sort of thing.

Ah well.

The reason I mention this is becaus there will probably be a lot of Batman related posts in the next 7 days or so, like this one and the last one.

The purpose of this post, other than to act as something of a warning for those who want nothing to do with the movie or as a spoiler alert, was to point out an interesting interview IGN did with Hans Zimmer, one of the two - count 'em, two - composers who scored the movie. It's a great score and I have to champion Warner with letting Nolan do a little double-dipping. Check out the interview for more details on the collaboration and the film's music.


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