Friday, June 10, 2005

State of the Blog

Back in School

A bit of a personal blo this time as opposed to the regular entertainment commentary or link posts.

I've recently re-entered the world of distance learning (otherwise known as correspondence courses) with the intention of beefing up my credentials with a second degree. The history degree I have was always meant as a prep degree, but when film school proved too costly and unmanageable (which wasn't really a problem since I agree with James Mangold's comment that many of the skills you would learn there could be learned independently and that film school is more important as a community/network to plug into), all I ended up with was a degree that I couldn't really apply to anything.

Enter Athabasca University and the Communications degree I eventually hope to attain from them.

I'm not 100% what kind of job I hope to get once I've attained the degree, but it will likely include writing and the media which is fine by me.

I've just completed the first unit of my first class and I'm gearing up to do the first assignment. It's pretty Mickey Mouse stuff on Information Systems and how library catalogues are set up, so I'm hoping to get that out of the way soon.

Interview Gigs

I'm back doing more interviews even though I've yet to transcribe the three or four I already have. These are e-mail interviews, though, so they're always easier to manage and can be done and posted in a timely manner no matter how busy a person is.

First up is the inimitable Seth Fisher whom I've interviewed twice before (here and here), both for Silver Bullet Comicbooks. He's a great interviewee, a talented guy and we'll be talking about his Legends of the Dark Knight arc, "Snow".

I also have Brett 'Serenity' Matthews on the line. I was supposed to do this one about a month ago but he was busy and I got busy...needless to say I want to get this one in the bag before September to time out with the film so I dropped him an e-mail and started up the communication again. I'm also hoping to ask some Angel questions, too.

Heck, if anyone wants me to ask anything Serenity related or otherwise, post a comment and I'll try and work it in if I dont have it already.

And with that...

...I think I'm done with the personal stuff. For anyone who actually endured this post to this point I'll leave you with this link as a reward. Enjoy!


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