Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Blatty Sues for Dominion

Looks like William Peter Blatty is suing Morgan Creek Productions for 'money owed' on the 'new' Exorcist film, Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist.

For the uninitiated (skip this part if you know the story), Dominion, directed by Paul Schrader, was originally supposed to be the movie you saw in theatres last summer called Exorcist: The Beginning before politics and stupidity shelved the damn thing and precipitated the creation of Renny Harlin's suckfest of a horror movie.

Now, Blatty was paid what he was owed for the one sequel (Exorcist: The Beginning) but he seems to be claiming that Dominion counts as yet another sequel and not an alternate version of the first film, which it, in fact, is (the first film and an alternate version of it - head sore yet?). I don't know what I think about the whole thing, but I do think that Blatty may be overstepping it a bit by claiming moneys owed to him for subsequent sequels after The Beginning.

On the other hand, Dominion did get a limited theatrical release, and will be hitting DVD sometime soon, to be sure, so maybe Blatty is just trying to get a cut of that revenue. Why should everybody but Blatty be making money off of his creation, right?

Then on the other hand (how many hands am on?), if I take into account Blatty's checkered history with Morgan Creek and James Robinson, I shouldn't be at all surprised that he's bringing this to court.

I guess we'll see how it all turns out.


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