Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Sloan: A Sides Win (singles 1992-2005): I can't believe I forgot to mention this disc in my New CD Roundup a few posts back. One of my favourite rock bands, Sloan, have just released a great singles collection (May 3rd) and is, in my opinion, a really nice cross section of their 10+ year career in music.

I wasn't actually going to buy this disc myself, seeing as I already own the Sloan catalogue, until I found out that they were including a DVD with the CD that includes all 14 videos, plus a documentary, some TV appearances, live stuff and extras.

And, like any good hits collection, there are also two new tracks ('All Used Up' and 'Try to Make It') to whet completists appetites.

For $16 smackers (CAN) I couldn't turn this down and neither should you.


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