Monday, May 02, 2005

The New DVD

Well, since there was only one comic book to cover, I figure I might as well do the DVD list as well.

So, to be released May 3rd, 2005 and of possible interest are...

Star Trek: Enterprise Season 1: Much too rich for my blood (as all the Star Trek DVD collections are), but if I had the c note to spend on this set I probably would. Season 1 had some good moments, particularly the pilot, "Broken Bow" (accompanied by a commentary in this set - yay!), which really gave me a lot of hope that this prequel series would be a success. Time and poor management by executive producers Brannon Braga and Rick Berman showed us otherwise.

It should be noted that it does look as if there are a decent number of features included that go beyond the EPK-style interviews and hype that you usually see included with DVDs. In fact, glancing at the list over on Amazon, I think Enterprise Season 1 may just outdo any of the previous Trek collections as far as features go. I'm sure they were planning DVD material as they shot the series, but when you're forking over $100 for some round pieces of plastic, that's always good to hear.

Spaceballs Special Edition: Pure guilty pleasure and probably Mel Brooks' last truly funny movie. MGM is obviously rolling this one out to cash in on the Episode III buzz, but if it means a decent movie is getting the Special Edition treatment (and a real Special Edition treatment) then I can't complain.

If you haven't seen Spaceballs, it's a pretty successful spoof of the Star Wars films starring Bill Pullman as the Han Soloesque Lone Star, John Candy as the wookie-like Mawg, and Rick Moranis as the evil and bumbling Dark Helmet. It's a fun show with some decent gags and MGM seems to have added a decent amount of material to the already existing Spaceballs bonus features, so if you're a fan, I'd be there to pick this one up.

Non-connoisseurs pay heed! There is a budget version available that has pared down features, but does still include an audio commentary with Brooks, so if you're not a real fan but want it in your collection, I urge you to seek that one out.

That's it for DVDs this week. Next week we celebrate life and death with two new releases, HBO's The Life and Death of Peter Sellers and Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.

Until then...


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