Friday, May 20, 2005

Reviews of the Sith

That title is a little misleading because I'm not actually going to review the new Star Wars film (although, for the record, I'm happy with it), but I did want to say how cool it is that every blog I visit regularly has yet to comment on the movie. Sin City was everywhere on the blogosphere within minutes of hitting cineplexes across the continent. I mean, this is the kind of thing that usually mobilizes pros and fans to say their piece (and with this new prequel trilogy it's generally to complain how much they suck), and I kind of expected at least Will Pfeiffer to have something up being a film critic and everything.

Still, I'm happy to see that Frank Gorshin's death has more face time than Episode III meaning that maybe, for the first time in years, people are finally treating a Star Wars movie as just that - a movie.

By the way, I've been mad busy this week and last so the Blogging is suffering a bit. My daughter has a Feis for her Irish Dance which I'm volunteering at, plus we're doing the spring changeover at my place and my wife is finishing up her master's thesis, so logging on and posting has been bumped down a few notches on the priority list.

Next week should see a return to the usual nonsense.


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