Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The New Comics 3

Another slow week for comics (at least on my pull list)...

THE GOON #12: I haven't bought a lot of issues of The Goon but I have been considering picking it up again, especially now that Powell is interested in exploring continuing, multi-issue storylines. It would also be appropriate since I'm really turning away from the super-hero set of late and just looking for some fun and interesting reading.

Check out a preview for the issue here.

JLA: CLASSIFIED #7: Giffen...DeMatteis...Maguire...Need I say more? Some people are not comfortable with this book since it just might possibly exist within their precious DC continuity, but not being bound by such ridiculous limitations, I am having a ball reading the final adventure of the 'Bwa-ha-ha' Justice League. Sales on the book are strong and it looks like Giffen and DeMatteis are going to leave their particular corner of the DCU with their fans wanting more. A far better way to go than simply overstaying your welcome.

Looking forward to their Defenders.

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