Thursday, January 27, 2005

Reviving the Dead...Evil, That Is

"Get the bubblegum out of your ears and listen up!"

I was shocked when I saw this bit on Sci-Fi Wire regarding Rob Tapert's and Sam Raimi's plans of hiring someone in to remake Evil Dead.

"We mean to bring that out to a whole new generation in something that honors all of the people that loved it and yet gives them a new and thrilling ride that they weren't expecting. That's the challenge, and hopefully if we succeed that's kind of the glory."

While I can see how it might work in this climate of "let's take all these old '70s horror movies and 're-imagine' them', I can't say that I'm excited to see it happen. I think Rob and Sam make a good argument for doing it, but ultimately, whatever they decide to do, in the end we will vote with our dollars as we always do.


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