Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Money...That's What I Want!

Sorry about the title. This post was going to be job related, and that was all I could think of.

Anyways, you may have seen the letter from my editor a few posts back informing me (and the other freelance writers of Life in the City) that our services would no longer be needed. Well, I recently swung by their website to check a movie listing in town and the site was officially gone. Gateway Timeout, no DNS found.


I never really thought the paper would, initially, last more than a year, so I'm not all that terribly surprised by it's official demise. Still, it was kind of a wake-up call telling me that if I want to keep the freelance writing gig alive, I need to find a/some new publishers to run my stuff. Always a fun job.

I've had to start compiling a list of folks to submit to and, we'll see what pans out in the days and weeks ahead. I'm sure I'll post about it on the ol' blog when there are new developments to report.


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