Saturday, January 08, 2005

Guff By Duff

Just got back from the Hilary Duff Most Wanted 2005 show with my value-challenged ingrate children. While there is little to say of Hilary's overall performance, it turns out that the merchandise being hocked at the event deserves something of a mention. It appears that Duff's stuff, being sold at each and every one of her shows, are strategically priced to help balance third world debt, or something like that. $45.00 (CAN) for a t-shirt, $20.00 for a leather strap with a metal cross engraved with her Duffness' moniker. Makes the head shake. Violently, and somewhat in despair.

It wouldn't be so bad if the kids actually appreciated any of the stuff we got them. Whatever was handed to them was met with that droopy eyed dog look like, "Awww...I didn't want that one I wanted that one."

Too angry. More chatter next time.


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