Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Marvel and Deceased

You know, I look at a handful of comic book related blogs and it always makes me feel like I should be contributing to the white noise - posting the reviews, or commenting on the solicitations, or speculating on who the killer in this story is or who the creative team on that book will be. To be perfectly honest, I'd have a lot more posts here if I did, but I've realised something recently that I also find mildly distressing (considering my love for the medium and the fact that I love writing about it), and that is that I don't think I care anymore. Not enough to seek the information out, not enough to gather it up and not enough to comment.

If something comes my way, I'll say a word or two. I'm still reading Louis Riel, which I've mentioned in an earlier post, and I've just picked up Will Eisner's Fagin the Jew, both of which I planned to say a few words on, but for the most part, I couldn't care less what Marvel or DC are doing these days, and I'm not reading as many indie books as I'd like.

It's probably just a phase. I've been here before and come back. I've stared into the abyss that is a comic free world and it's stared it's flimsy, collectable, overpriced eyes right back at me, luring me, once again, into the fold.



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