Sunday, January 02, 2005

Missed a Spot

There's this new thing we're doing in my house called 'how long can we keep the computer left off'. It's great for getting rid of that droning whir that computers make - guaranteeing that every other media device in the house is turned up louder than it really should be - but the unbfortunate side effect of this is that I've sort of missed the last couple of days of posting. Unless there's a really good reason to fire the old thing up and dive into cyberspace for a spell, I generally ignore it, occupying my time with other, more terrestrial matters.

And this after I promised Jeff that I wouldn't poop out on the entries.

For those of you who probably don't know who I'm talking about, Jeff is referring to the very talented and groovy comic book guy, Jeff Parker, who also shares blog space here on blogger. His base of operations is called the Mystifying Oracle to which you may have seen the link on the sidebar if you ever bother to look at the left of the page. If you haven't clicked through, do so now. Jeff's a cool cat and he often has some fun stuff on his mind.

Anyways, I check Jeff's blog pretty regularly now and a couple of evenings ago I hit his site only to see my name as the first line of his most recent post. Here I thought nobody was reading my ramblings, but Jeff found me out (I should have realized I'm not the only person who checks their referrers). It was a nice little nod from Jeff on his site and I thank him for any traffic that may have come my way as a result.

I leave you with this link to MSNBC and an article about one of my fave comic companies, Dark Horse Comics (who, coincidentally, Jeff has worked for). They're still doing the manga thing and have been since before it was mainstream cool, plus there's some chatter about Star Wars and Hellboy.



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