Sunday, January 30, 2005

Good News For Xenomorphs

Just a quick AVP tidbit from Sci-Fi Wire until I can sit down and post something more substantial...

"The franchise-blending action film Alien vs. Predator sold about 1.9 million combined DVD and VHS units on its first day of release Jan. 25, nearly matching its opening-weekend domestic box-office total of $38.3 million, the Reuters news service reported."

A lot of people hate this movie, but I liked it well enough to own it (Hell, I have the Alien Quadrilogy plus both the original Predator release and the Special Edition that came out last year). Still, if I was to be perfectly honest, I'm far more excited about picking up the new Predator 2: Special Edition DVD than grabbing AVP. Those two commentary tracks are just calling to me...


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