Thursday, January 13, 2005

Listener Approved

I've recently gone in search of "new music". This is something I often do, either when I'm finding myself tiring of the same old same old or there's something missing from the ol' collection and it needs a little brightening up, if you will. For example, a couple of years ago I got the bug and managed to latch onto bands like Binocular, Steadman, and Supreme Beings of Leisure. A few months ago I grabbed as much Vast material as I could find and discovered the likes of Micah Green, Bleu, Splattercell (a.k.a. David Torn) and Stars.

Feeling that need to fill in some gaps yet again I went in search of new tunes, crawling around on the web, linking back and forth through blogs, directories and what have you to find the vibe I was looking for.

I think I found it this week with the addition of artists like Aqualung and Cary Brothers to the Meanwhile... playlist. I won't get into who they are or where they come from here in this post (click on the links for more info on it) but their individual styles and maudlin pop sensibilities have struck a chord in me.

So, it goes without saying, I think, that I've been listening to the stuff non-stop since locating it. I'm pretty sure my wife is going to move out for a while until I get it all out of my system.

Oh, and an honourable mention should go out to Stereophonics who have a new single coming out called 'Dakota' and it's bloody brilliant. Almost a complete 180 from their last album, You have to Go There to Come Back, or any other album of theirs, to be perfectly honest. Click through to the new website and check it out. Retro Brit prog-rock makes for good listening in these parts.

I should also point out the new link section on the sidebar covering the bands I dig and listen to. I'm going to call it the official soundtrack to Meanwhile..., so...well, whatever that means.

Thanks again for reading. Until next time...


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