Thursday, April 14, 2005


Inspired by my recent wanderings through the Nina thread at I've suddenly put pen to paper and started flexing sketching muscles I've let atrophy for...oooo...a loooong time.

Many moons ago I decided that I was a better writer than I was an artist and shifted my attentions appropriately. Still, I've never quite lost that feeling of regret that if I'd only just doodled more on the side, or more seriously, that I would have that ability now. Doing a decent looking mini-comic or storyboard would be a pencil and pad away, you know?

So, yeah, looking at the amazing work of Ronnie del Carmen and everybody who contributed a Nina sketch made me grab the nearest utensil (a Sharpie, of all things) and some printer paper and I went to town for an hour or two. I dusted off some old 'How to Draw' principles, worked out some kinks, and maybe picked up a new habit or two (if I'm lucky, that is).

There's a couple of sketches that I liked, and had I a scanner to scan with (believe it or not, I have one, but have no idea where it is), I would post them here for you to offer any comments, criticism, or just to chuckle at rudely. I suppose if they got a decent review here I might post them on the Nina thread.

Maybe I should go find that scanner. It's got to be around here somewhere.


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