Friday, March 11, 2005

"Son of Jor-El, kneel before Zod!"

I just caught wind of this bit over at Sci-Fi Wire, a story which was originally broken by The Latino Review.

Brando is back as Jor-El, or at least that's the way Singer wants it to be. It's an interesting prospect, and not the first time it has been done, but it begs the question, just how much material with Brando is there to utilise? I'm aware of the details regarding the lawsuit and the eventual hiring of Richard Lester to replace Richard Donner which led to the unfortunate cutting of scenes Donner had already shot, but I am unfamiliar with just what scenes were actually filmed.

Singer is a, a great storyteller and director (no matter what Alan Cumming says) so I have confidence in him and his idea for the movie, but some of the stuff we're hearing just sounds...odd. Then again, we cringed at a lot of the X-Men rumours, too, and those movies turned out fine.

I'll leave you with an image I swiped from The Latino Review...


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