Sunday, March 20, 2005

Everything Old Is New Again

Well, I've had a quiet yet stimulating afternoon of going through a few of my older interviews and prepping them to go up on Meanwhile... proper. It's a tedious job of going through old text files (I don't know what possessed me to archive them as .txt files), giving them the proper HTML once-over and inserting images in for the viewing pleasure of anyone who may stop by and see them.

I'm on a Stefan Petrucha kick right now, rereading his X-Files books and picking up his Meta-4 series for the first time (unfinished, though it may be), so I dug up an old interview I did with him back in '98. I've also gone back to the very beginning of my interviewing 'career' and polished up my very first interview which I conducted with Tom Grummett. It's kind of fun going back and finding out that you weren't a complete hack and maybe had an inkling of what you were doing when you started out.

Anyway, the whole thing has inspired(?) me to use Sundays for a regular feature I used to do back when Meanwhile... was a magazine. It was called Best of the Bins (is anybody using that name right now?) and focused on older or cancelled books that caught my attention. Seeing as how Sunday is a perfect lazy day where one can kick back and read old comics, I thought it only fitting to put the two together.

So, my next post will be a Best of the Bins post. Feel free to let me know what you think.


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