Thursday, March 17, 2005

He Did It For His Kid

Nick Hornby has said in the past that the reason why he gives the ok to make movies from his books is because he takes all that development money they give him and he puts it in a bank acount for his autistic kid, to help him later in life. He knows that as a special needs kid he's going to have...well, special needs, and he can obviously make a good enough living off of his books, so...

I have to applaud that. I think what he's doing is a great idea, and with movies like High Fidelity and About a Boy to show for it, all the better.

After seeing this, however, I might have to rethink my stance on the subject.

I posted about this a while ago but have only just seen the trailer.


I guess every fan goes through this at some point. Maybe they'll do How To Be Good and not screw it up. There's a chance (Working Title, are you listening!?!?!).


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