Monday, March 14, 2005

Revenge of the Sith Trailer Now Online


This post'll be nowhere near as well written as Will Pfeiffer's on the subject, but it's late and I hadda throw my two cents into the pot. If you want clear and concise, go check out X-Ray Spex.

Anyways, after watching the trailer to the third episode in the Star Wars...ummm...sestology...I am actually pretty excited to see this movie. No, I think it's fair to say that I am really anticipating it, if I'm to be perfectly honest about it.

I kept hearing George say that this was going ot be the one. That if the other movies didn't appeal to you, this was going to be the one that tied it all together. After checking that trailer out, I'm persuaded to believe him (and I actually liked the previous two parts).

Anyway, it's well worth clicking over to see if you haven't seen it already.


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