Thursday, December 22, 2005

Still Behind

Man, I'm coming up on my first anniversary of Blogging here and I'm feeling slightly self-conscious because I'm still behind on some of the projects that I've discussed here. In many ways, come January, Jen and I are getting what we both refer to as a fresh start. So many of our obligations and commitments end with the new year and we've felt kind of refreshed and energized by this opportunity to start January off with a clean slate. Unfortunately, my being behind might give me a slightly smudged slate, but I'm hoping to change that tonight.

Work is going as well as it could. I'm still doing the everyday thing and not getting much, if any, time off. Still, it's nice to have the regular cheques coming in whether I'm working 66 hours a week or not. It's also nice that the pay periods for my two jobs are staggered so I get a cheque pretty much every week. It works out pretty nicely.

As for the aforementioned projects, the Seth Fisher interview is done and is just waiting on me getting some free time to post it. Paul Dini needs an introduction written and then I have to submit it to SBC, and Karl Moline needs an intro and some prep work done on it before it goes up.

Fingers crossed that I get this all done tonight.


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