Saturday, December 03, 2005

Keane and Some Comics

While at work the other day I noticed a new DVD from the Brit Award winning trio, Keane. It's called Strangers and is, essentially, a documentary following their rise from a 4 piece guitar band to the piano based trio they are today. From the UK pub scene to winning two Brits and selling 5 illion copies of their album Hopes and Fears.

I'm a big fan of their first album and it's rarely off my regular playlist but I don't know a great deal about the band itself. I'm stuck between buying the DVD and passing it over since I am more of a fan of the music than the guys. Everything I've read about the doc seems to say that it is pretty interesting and I'm a sucker for concert videos and music docs, but it's spending money that I don't really have at the moment. Maybe with Christmas coming up I can add it to my wish list.

As for the comics I was referring to in my title, I recently finished reading Tony Bedard and Karl Moline's run on the now cancelled Rogue, "Forget Me Not". I really enjoyed this 6-issue arc and was sorry to see the series get cancelled. I was looking forward to seeing Moline and Bedard continue some of their magic for a few issues more and Rogue has never looked or sounded better than in the hands of these two. The only thing I was remotely disappointed with was the two or three issues that Moline didn't draw himself and the fact that the covers were all done by Scot Eaton. Not that there's anything wrong with Scot Eaton, it's just I would have liked to see more Moline. The guy doesn't produce enough work.

Anyway, that's it for my pre-noon blogging. I have the day off from work today so I will try and come on again sometie later in the day and post some more.



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