Friday, December 02, 2005

It Aint Pretty

After listening to the new INXS album, Switch, I have to say that the band has done a good job of replacing Michael Hutchence as frontman for the group. Fellow Canuck, J.D. Fortune does a very good job of filling the vocal 'shoes' of his predecessor and there's no doubt in my mind that their live show won't suffer for the new singer, but Switch does manage to suffer despite all the efforts of Fortune and the others. The songs that comprise the new CD feel too uninspired and, more often than not, dull. The best tracks conjure up older so-so INXS offerings like X or Elegantly Wasted and the worst live in a class all their own. New fans may get something fresh and interesting out of Switch but, as a long-time fan of the group, I couldn't in good conscience recommend it to older fans.

Switch proves that INXS is not dead and gone as many believed, but it's an assisted living sort of situation. The desire to do something is definitely there but they're just not sure how to proceed without Michael. Unfortunately, the old Kick is gone.


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