Friday, December 23, 2005

One Down, Two to Go

Well, it's the wee hours of the morning but I managed to finish off the intro for my Dini interview so I think it'll be posted tomorrow afternoon sometime. I'm technically still waiting for some art from DHC but it's not like it's a super-long piece, so I think we'll do fine with the art we have if it doesn't show up in time.

I also did a little shuffling with the questions since they were sort of asked out of order. I came up with about 15 of them and it was sort of an off-the-cuff thing so they didn't really follow any kind of rhyme or reason other than being Jingle Belle themed. The reshuffling gave it some continuity, I think, and what I think is a basic throughline, so hopefully nobody will read it and go, "HUH!?!" I'd be curious to hear any feedback on it since it is the most recent interview I've done and I love hearing what people have to say.

Seth Fisher's interview is next up out of the batter's box. That should be a little easier because it's just plugging in images and uploading the info. Seth sent me some cool stuff which I'm going to include. There's some cover stuff and a sketch or pencil scan which I can't wait to post (although some of the stuff he told me about that he didn't send would have likely bent your mind, man).

Anyway, I have to work tomorrow (later today, really) so I'm going to take off and catch some snoozin' time. Y'all take care and we'll see you next time!


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