Monday, January 29, 2007

Whole Lotta Changes

Things are definitely in flux at the Jozic household. Everything from jobs to vehicles are getting the ol' upgrade. When the van konked out on us a while ago we started the process of trying to find another vehicle that would be big enough for the family, good on fuel and reliable enough not to die on us like the Transport did. The fine folks here at Saturn have been unable to find anything in our price range so we've expanded our search outside the dealership. We actually have a line on something right now which could prove to be the proverbial needle in the haystack. Fingers crossed, knock on wood...all that jazz. We'll know by later today what's happening on that front.

As for jobs, Jen just started her new job/contract and everything seems to be going well. She was a little nervous about taking on the position but I was confident that she would not only do well but be great in her new management role. Comes with a decent paycheque too which is also nice. Her employers told her that she also has a soft offer to be moved elsewhere when the contract is complete, so this may be a long-term sort of thing fo her. It'll be nice to see her finally settle down in something.

As for me, there may be a new career on the horizon that has nothing to do with car sales. There are things going on at the dealership here and things going on elsewhere that may have me changing the way I make my living. I can't give any real details on anything just yet but I'll spill the beans when I know more.

Back to work.


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