Monday, January 15, 2007

Another Day, Another Post

Just killing time right now and watching the desk for the receptionist while she runs to get her passport stuff figured out. I guess she's going to Cuba with family sometime soon so she has to get the wheels in motion.

Now that I think about it, I should probably get my passport stuff sorted out as well. I was kind of hoping to hit San Diego this year and it would be nice not to have to struggle with government bureacracy while figuring out how to get myself there. Something to think about.

Nothing really new on the Jozic front these days. Just been doing some reading and watching Eureka, getting dental work done, running kids around and juggling the usual life stuff.

The newest thing would probably be my accepting to be the Hospitality Co-Chair for my daughters Irish Dance Feis that her school is putting on. I'm not sure what kind of work or how much will be expected of me, but I'm sure I'll be finding out about it real soon.

I've made some decisions that I'm pretty sure will be on my final set of recommendations to the nominatons panel for the Joe Shuster Awards so I'm happy that's going along as well as it could be. There are still a lot of French language books I need to look at so I'm keeping things more or less open, but there are one or two folks who I'm pretty sure will be in my final five for their respective categories. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the groups choices, too. See if there are any like minds among us.

Kind of in line with the San Diego comment above, I forgot that as a member of the nominating committee I will have my entrance to the Toronto con covered, al I have to do is get myself there. nothing saying I can't attend both, I suppose (except for available travel funds, that is), but I should probably give some thought to which I would prefer to go to if the chance arises.

I haven't done any work on Smitten for about a week. The inspiration that sparked that last bout of creativity has pretty much subsided. Other than thinking I need to find myself an artist soon I haven't written anything new. I did have a run in with my boss that made it's way into the script pretty much word for word. The main female character, Abby, has a rocky relationship with her employer with some issues relating to her inability to make it into work on time at the beginning of her story. I came in late one day and had a 'chat' with my manager and after sitting down and grumbling about it for a moment, I scribbled it down giving the appropriate dialogue to the appropriate party. While getting it down it even inspired a new scene transition and spun things in a slightly new direction for a few pages.

I know anybody who actually writes for a living will look at that and say, 'Duh', but bear in mind I'm still writing my first larger piece of fiction, here. Normally I'm structuring conversations and wrestling to get good responses out of interview subjects so it's a bit of a switch for me.

Speaking of interviews, I'm getting closer to finalizing my wish list for launching the interview blog. Steve Purcell (if I can salvage that one - another story for another time), J.M. DeMatteis, Darwyn Cooke and possibly John Shirley would make for a nice first round, in my opinion. I have some ideas for some fun things to do with audio so we'll see if I can get that in order sooner than later.

I'm sure anybody who is actually still reading this is probably totally bored right now so I'll call it quits before I start talking about what I'm having for lunch today.

Onwards and upwards!


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