Friday, October 06, 2006

When All Else Fails, Go To LinkBlog

I posted twice already today, and when I was about to go back to the well to talk about the Eureka renewal and the cool webisodes on YouTube, I figured I might as well do a linkblog and try and cover anything and everything I may want to post today. One fell swoop, I believe, would be the watchword here.

So, as to the aforementioned Eureka, SciFi Wire has just announced that it will renew the show for another 13 episodes. For anyone who has managed to catch this very cool new show this is great, great news. Eureka has quickly become one of my new favourite shows as a result of some very sharp writing, great casting and overall atmosphere. If you haven't had a chance to catch the show, or if it's not available in your area, check out the 'Hide & Seek' webisodes which are still available on the official Eureka site and on YouTube. Here's the prologue (which isn't much of a teaser, really) to start you off:

It also appears that the animated rock band, Gorillaz, will be calling it quite this year and will be detailing everything in their tell-all biography. I'm not sure how I feel about there not being another Gorillaz album, but I'm less sure what I think of this little promo/cash-grab. I love Damon Albarn and will follow him to the strangest reaches of pop music and beyond, but I'm going to reserve judgment 'til I can see this book for real and see how much effort they've put into it. The optimist in me says this may be a nice goodbye for those of us who loved the band.

Make Your Own Sam & Max Comic Book.

Need I say more?

I recently surfed by the blog of artist Nuno Alves. I think I clicked through on one of the other blogs run by Teen Titans alumns and couldn't help but have my attention grabbed by this striking re-imagining of Rogue. The image was created, I believe, for Project Rooftop - a blog where artists come on and do this sort of thing for fun, redesigning characters and the like.

Either way, I like just about everything in this image so I'm bringing attention to it.

Hmmm...I thought I had more stuff to dump on here.

Ah well.

I think I recall hearing somewhere that if you were going to go out, that it was best to go out on a song. So, to cap it all off, here's some live Keane for those of us who will not be seeing them live anytime soon as a result of Tom's rehab situation.



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