Saturday, October 14, 2006

Oh Bring Back My Vette To Me

Remember that bike of yours that was stolen when you were twelve? Don't stop believing, man. Stranger things have happened.

Now that I'm working in the automotive industry I see a lot of car related news. Usually it's the kind of stuff you would expect from MSN Auto News and the like - discussing ft-lbs. of torque, or how fast this vehicle can go compared to another. The other day, though, I stumbled across this neat little human interest story on a site called It's about a guy and his 'vette which was stolen almost 40 years ago, only to find its way back to him this year. He lost it mere months after buying the thing and now, almost 38 years later, the damn thing gets flagged in cutoms on its way to a buyer in Sweden, for crying out loud.

My only guess is that it was a show car and was never licensed for most of the time it was missing, otherwise the VIN should have popped a red flag many, many years ago.

Either way, this guy's a happy camper.

Next post, back to the comic blogging (hears collective groaning).



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