Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Clip-O-Rama Day 5

I struggled a bit with what to include this time around. I had two other choices that I decided not to go with - possibly to feature one or the other on tomorrow's posting - choosing instead to feature some zombie brain-eating fun. Much like yesterday's claim, what would a clip-fest be without some zombie love, especially in this exceptionally zombie-friendly period of the genre?

There are tons to choose from but I decided to go with a Romero's Dawn of the Dead, partly because I've seen it recently, and partly because I can feature both the old... well as the new:

Not only that, but I can also sneak in a third 'cheat' clip, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's zombie tribute film, Shaun of the Dead:

I'm not going to do the usual trip down memory lane since I'm not posting this at home and I really do need to run, but three clips should keep y'all busy enough not to care too much. Odds are, you weren't paying them much mind anyway.

One day to go. See you tomorrow!


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