Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Frustrated Interviewer Seeks Subject


I've just checked my gMail account which, lately, has been a continuing exercise in frustration. I've sent out three interview requests so far, all of whom I had in mind for launching the new interview blog that I talked about in an earlier post, and no one seems to be interested in participating or, in some cases, responding.

The first of which, Brian K. Vaughan, was chronicalled right here on the blog a few weeks ago. I have become a huge fan of Vaughan's Escapists comic book and have been enjoying his Doctor Strange mini-series, and with his impending departure from Runaways and the release of Pride of Baghdad, I figured Brian for a shoe-in. Over-commitment ended up being my downfall there, I think. I was told that he was unable to fulfill many of the requests he had already agreed to so he wasn't going to take on any more.


So, I rolled up my shirtsleeves and decided to go with my follow-up plan. I searched for some contact information and quickly fired off an e-mail to X-Men: First Class artist, Roger Cruz. The first issue of his and Jeff Parker's mini-series has done very well for itself, and Roger has also introduced a new style which I thought might be interesting to talk about. A response, however, has not been forthcoming.

Granted, I may have sent it to an e-mail that he doesn't check very often or is even valid, now that I think about it. For that matter, there may even be a language barrier to consider here since Roger is a native of Brazil and may not be comfortable communicating in English. I know that in the past I conducted an interview with Humberto Ramos and I discovered that he was a little gun-shy about his responses since English was actually his second language. I don't think that is the case (I've seen interviews with Roger and he seems quite eloquent) but I have to entertain all possibilities.

Whatever the reasons, I decided to move on to Plan C, as it were, and sent a request to another creator I'm itching to talk to, Ted Naifeh. I thought that the great thing about doing an interview with Ted right now would be the Halloween connection. Since Ted's known for books like Death, Jr., Courtney Crumrin and Polly and the Pirates, tying it into a seasonal holiday sounded like an idea that I couldn't turn down.

Unfortunately, I'm still awaiting a response from Mr. Naifeh, as well.

I know that a big problem here is probably my 'press credentials'. I've been out of the loop for some years now and I have no official ties to anything or anyone other than my own blog and website. If I was doing something Buffy related I'm sure I could muster some attention, but even my contacts at Dark Horse COmics have moved on. And as far as the rest of comicdom is concerned, I'm starting from scratch. Leaning on folks I already know and throwing everything else at the wall to see what sticks.

And for the record, just in case I'm coming off like an unsufferably whiny bitch, I'm not trying to complain or pulling an 'o, woe is me' thing, here. I'm not cruising for a sympathy trip I'm just laying down some thoughts and using the blog for what it was always intended for. I'm just a little surprised and disheartened that I'm 0 for 3 so far.

I'm not 100% sure who is going to be next on the hit-list but I have a few names in mind right now. I'll probably post the results in a future post so don't be surprised if this isn't the end of it.



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