Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Giving the Yokos Their Due

If you are the type of person who bothers to check out the Amazon links every now and then, you may have noticed that as of today they've all changed over. Beyond that, in the 'What I'm Hearing' column you may also have noticed that the album cover for the Yoko Casionos album is missing - not my fault but Amazon.ca's. I saw these guys live opening for Sloan this past weekend and I thought they were really great. Good energy onstage and they managed to really warm the crowd up netting them a receptive audience - something show openers don't always have the luxury of seeing.

I wouldn't have put them on the sidebar if I didn't want to draw attention to them, so to compensate for Amazon's shortcomings I'm going to post their album cover here:

And here's a YouTube clip of them performing live:

Not the greatest performance of this song (it was better at our show) but somethign to look at anyway.



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