Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Looking For My Next Idea

So I'm thinking the other day that it might be as good a time as any to go through with an idea I had a little while ago. Despite having a site and a domain name already dedicated to posting and spotlighting any interviews or articles I have, or may in the future write, I started an interview blog last year just to see what the format would be like to use and whether or not it was a viable idea. I'd seen some other writers doing it. Alan David Doane was relatively successful with it and there were others whose names escape me at the moment, but they all seemed to be short form interviews. 20 questions or 10 questions or however many questions it takes to fill out a release sized Q&A. My favourite interviews (even though I don't get to conduct them like this every time) are the long form ones. Comics Journal style conversational portraits, if you will, of whoever the subject may be. Clearly this is not possible every tme you fire off a handful of questions by e-mail, or even on the phone for that matter (a recent interview with Bruce Campbell taught me that), but it's a good goal, I think.

I never made the blog public and only ever posted a couple of interviews on it just to see what it would look like. Shortly afterwards, deciding it was not a great idea, I chose to ignore it. Never deleting it, just leaving it there to sit idle.

Now, though, I find I'm kind of warming up to the idea again. I could keep the old Meanwhile... site for older or 'lost' interviews (which is pretty much what I'm publishing there now) and put the hot new stuff up on the blog. I could do something on a weekly schedule, give myself some decent lead time and it practically maintains itself. It gets the name out there, keeps the muscles from atrophying and just gives me something entartaining to do. Something to experiment with.

It could be fun.

I have another idea which I've been toying with but I'll leave that one for a later post. I still want to look into a few things before I start bandying that one about.



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