Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Wonder Why the Wonderfalls?

I've had kind of an interesting evening.

Just as I was preparing supper for the family unit, I stumbled across a news bit on Sci-Fi Wire referring to an online chat with the cast and crew of Wonderfalls that was supposed to happen on the 1st of February. The whole thing was a promotional event celebrating the release of the show on DVD and just about everybody was supposed to be on hand to interact with the fans.

So, being the curious bloke that I am, I clicked through to see if my ability to interpret time zones was still functioning and, as it turned out, I was just in time to catch the webcast.

Caroline Dhavernas, William Sadler, Tyron Leitso, Tracie Thoms, Lee Pace, Bryan Fuller, Todd Holland and others gathered for the event, which I believe was sponsored by the wonderful www.savewonderfalls.com website. Dhavernas, Sadler and Pace were beamed in from New York, Tracie Thoms was calling in from San Francisco and the rest of the gang were hanging out in LA.

I think it's great that so many of the cast and crew were available for this. A DVD launch is not usually something that draws out the talent to confab with the internet savvy fan base, but the folks involved with the show still have such a strong connection to the series, as well as each other. They were a very close-knit group and they obviously enjoyed working with each other because they seemed to love playing together as well. And I guess there was even going to be more of them present, but Tim Minear, Wonderfalls' showrunner, was shooting a new pilot that featured a couple of the ex-cast members, so they were unable to attend.

As a fan of the show, it was very cool that managed to get a question in to the group. When you're doing one of these online chat things, it's not always easy to get a word in amidst the chaos, but this was a very well organised WebEx Meeting and the people attending were great. Kudos to everyone involved.

A much appreciated, and needed, tribute to the show.

If you haven't checked out the show, do so a.s.a.p., you won't regret it. And while you're at it, check out the savewonderfalls website, there's some cool stuff there to browse through.

I'm probably going to pick up my DVD set tomorrow afternoon while the kids are off at school. Gonna have to set aside some DVD time this week, I think.


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