Saturday, February 26, 2005

In The Hot Zone

Forget the deep dark corners of Africa and the hibernating viral apocalypse awaiting humanity there, just come over to my house and you'll see some crazy plague monkeys you can take home to show your folks.

Virtually everyone in my household has fallen ill with this flu or cold or whatever has been going around plaguing Saskatoon for the better part of a month. Hacking coughs, oozing nostrils, pink eyes...I'm going crazy! 24 hour humidifiers (bear in mind I collect lot of paper goods), cough syrups, decongestants, expectorants...I havent had a moments rest since Monday.

People were not meant to spend that much time together, especially when they're all gross and needy and stuff. I swear, if I hadn't stolen away to watch The Life Aquatic the other day, you would have been reading about me in the newspapers.

On the plus side, the epidemic does seem to be winding down. The Monkey House is being sanitized. The lingering symptoms still showing up seem to be restricted to just the coughing and the runny noses which is evidenced by the plethora of facial tissues congealing in the wastepaper baskets.

Cover for the Dakota single

One cool thing this week (besides catching The Life Aquatic, that is) was downloading the new Stereophonics single, "Dakota". I've been grooving to this tune in streaming audio for about a month, now, and I finally have the bugger on my hard drive. Paid my .79p (almost $2 CAN) and I'm a happy camper.

Oh, and I also had a chance to listen to Keane's Hopes and Fears which is getting me excited. I'm discovering that despite looking like goofballs, they make really good music. All those Brit Awards nominations were apparently well earned.


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