Saturday, February 26, 2005

Tarantino Directs Episode of CSI

Looks like TV's highly fictionalized forensic thriller CSI is getting a helping hand from shameless fanboy writer/director (I can't in good conscience add actor...I mean, c'mon), Quentin Tarantino.

It's not big news since the guy has done TV before. He directed an epiosde of ER which I haven't seen, and guest-starred on 2 episodes of Alias (which I did, and almost deep sixed the show for me early on in season 1). I mean, in my opinion, it's not like Harrison Ford hitting the small screen playing Indy again for Lucas' great, but underappreciated Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, or Bryan Singer directing 2 episodes of his new show House, or Barry Levinson doing the pilot for Homicide.

I know that's heresy in some fanboy pop culture parts, but I just have trouble with the guy. Kill Bill Part 1 kept me from watching Kill Bill Part 2. The second time I saw Pulp Fiction, it got boring not cooler like other flicks that are supposed to get better with multiple viewings (Fight Club anyone?).

So yeah, there's my Quentin rant for the year (that is unless he makes that World War II movie he's been threatening us with for the last few years).


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