Thursday, February 10, 2005

Brando Speaks From The Grave

I thought this was an interesting little bit of info regarding the upcoming Godfather game from Electronic Arts. I had no idea that there was an upcoming Godfather game, and I'm scratching my head trying to figure out who decided we needed a game based on Mario Puzo's and Francis Ford Coppola's gangster epic, but who am I to argue with EA's licensing group.

James "Las Vegas" Caan is lending his voice to the game, as is Robert frickin Duvall, who totally refused to appear in the third film for reasons I can't remember (probably financial knowing Hollywood) but finds the virtues of video games enough of a lure to reprise his role. The big shocker in this news bit for me was finding out that Brando had actually done some voice over work for the folks at EA before he died, and left them permission to use it as they see fit. Kind of creepy, kind of cool.

You be the judge.


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