Tuesday, February 22, 2005


So my wife asks me if I can help her with this booklet that she's editing for work. She wants me to take a look at it, proofread it and see if the thing has any flow to it. The worry is that, after being tinkered with by 'the boss', it's just a tangle of information squashed into 30 or 40 pages that nobody who is not an economics grad can hope to understand.

Anyway, this project sounds like no big deal so I sign on willingly. I figure it wil take an hour or so of work so what the hell, right? Well, a couple of fights with the wife/editor and an all-nighter later, the task is done.

I'm still feeling the after effects of that all-nighter, and in it's defense, the booklet wasn't the sole thing I was working on that night. When I got bored of working on it I moved from her laptop to my computer to play with my own stuff for a while, so part ofit is my own fault. Still, I've been kind of woozy for a day and a half now and I'm thinking I need to try and take a nap or something soon because I'm noticing myself slipping behind on a lot of things - like this blog, for instance!

I've been doing some reading and trying to gear myself up for more writing, so I'll probably have something to talk about in the coming days. Right now, though, I think I'm gonna surf the 'net for a while and go lie down.


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