Thursday, January 22, 2009

Whiteout Pics

Twould appear that the first images from the film adaptation of Greg Rucka and Steve Leiber's Whiteout are out and making their way around the net. Kate Beckinsale plays the role of U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko who is tracking a killer in Antarctica, moving from station to station as she chases down suspects and discovers more murders (that is, if it follows the story in the comics in any way shape or form). As a graphic novel, Whiteout was a cracking good read (along with its sequel, Whiteout: Melt) so I'm going to go out on a limb and actually have some hopes for this movie being good. The cast seems all right at a glance: Beckinsale, Gabriel (The Spirit) Macht, Tom Skerritt, Alex O'Loughlin and others.

Comments from Rucka in this audio interview make it pretty clear that the movie sort of goes its own way rather than hitting the comic book beat for beat (as well as addressing the point thatKate is so much prettier than Carrie is), but I do dig how they've taken the cover for the comic book and made it into the theatrical one-sheet as pictured below.

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At least she still loses her fingers. Yay!

Well, Rucka seems to like it so lets knock wood and hope that the film is just as entertaining, if not more, than the books. The release date is September 11, 2009, so I'm thinking I'll see if I can get a group of people together and hit the show as a birthday thing.



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