Friday, January 16, 2009

It Figures

Last night at Wal-Mart I picked up another figure from the latest Indiana Jones series of toys. I had heard that the Temple of Doom wave was one of the harder ones to find, so when I ran across a Temple Indy with ripped shirt and Thuggee sword, I had to grab it. I mean, at $3.92 a figure can a guy really go wrong?

I wasn't planning on collecting the Indy toys despite being a huge fan of the character and franchise, but it's really hard to turn away when they're sitting at these costs right now. Granted, it's hard to be too happy when I know the only reason these are being cleared out at these prices is because they've killed the whole line and the shops are trying to get rid of whatever stock they have left, but that's also all the more reason to stock up on whatever I can while I can.

Other Indy figures and what-not that I've picked up include the German jeep from Raiders (from the truck chase), a couple of small Titanium series miniatures of the truck dragging Indy and the rocket sled from Crystal Skull, an Indy Mighty Muggs figure, and my first purchase from when the film came out, the 12" talking Indy figure.

I was going to grab Mola Ram and some Thuggee guards when I made my way back but they've quickly sold out, no doubt to folks just like me. I'm also still debating if I want to grab some of the deluxe figures for $4. We'll see how it goes.

Back to the grind!


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