Friday, July 25, 2008

X-Files: I Want to Believe Reactions

Hit the first matinee at the local Galaxy theatre because I knew I would not be able to wait until 7 or 10 o'clock tonight. I woke up a little unfocused and found it difficult to work, figured the movie would galvanize everything for me.

Despite being in the middle of the afternoon, getting into the X-Files mood was pretty easy. Once those lights went down and the music and images started rolling, whoo-baby, I was locked in for the next couple of hours.

I was doing some reading the night before re: the soundtrack (which kicks-ass, by the way) and accidentally read what I thought may be a spoiler. Wasn't going to let it ruin the experience for me but it turned out not to be true. The soundtrack piece is worth checking out, though. Click through here to read it.

Stand alone episode was definitely the way they should have rolled on this one. If they went with a mythology episode, die-hard Philes like me would be happy but we'd never get a third movie out of Fox because it wouldn't make any money. Simple but within the X-Filesian realm thriller played out nicely and allowed for maximum character development.

God, I missed these characters. I didn't know how much until they started hanging out together on screen again. Man, I thought Indiana Jones was going to be the tentpole movie for me but I was so wrong. And yeah, I know Dark Knight will make me get religion but the pure, raw, nostalgic feeling of seeing Mulder and Scully together again after 7.5 was pretty f***ing cool.

Lots of really neat easter eggs in the movie for fans to find, plus a 'blink-and-you-miss-it' cameo by Carter himself. Seeing things like Nutter's Feed (named for amazing series director David Nutter), the vodka and OJ on Mulder's table, the names Gilligan and Shiban on Mulder's Cell phone...I just gobbled all that stuff up. It was great eye-candy that didn't jump out and say, "HEY! Look at me, do you remember me from the series?"

A character or two from the show do make an appearance which, again, was rewarding without being obtuse.

Well cast movie. Really. Connelly, Peet and Xzibit were all really good in their roles. Callum Keith Rennie did an equally good job. Hell, it wasn't until the third or fourth time I saw him that I realized it was him.

Hmmm, not sure what else to say other than, "I sure liked it a whole lot".

Go see the movie.

Listen to some of the tunes on the player below.

Believe Again.


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