Monday, July 14, 2008

Mornings with Meiko

I discovered this artist through MySpace when I got the automated 'add friend' request, but after listening to her stuff for a bit I think I really dig it. My wife says it reminds her of Feist (a name we don't mention in this house) but I get a little Fiona, a little Cat Power...maybe even a smidge of Edie. There are a few things jumbled up in there that blend together well.

As the link below states, click on through to listen to some of her stuff.


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Anonymous said...

Meiko is a real talent - she independently released her album a few months ago and it was the #1 Roots Album on iTunes Canada for, like, 2 months straight!

She's recently been signed to a label and according to her MySpace page, she'll be re-releasing the album wiht some re-records and a brand new track (and I assume some lyrics and liner notes?)

Good score Mike!