Thursday, July 31, 2008

At Least Some of Us Believe

Another decent review, this time from DVD Talk, one of my fave cinema sites based out of UK, I believe.

Some points to note:

"Carter has made a commitment to a more cerebral adventure for his characters, fixating on the discomfort between Mulder and Scully as they assume their old responsibilities...sticking with spooky happenings and faltered interpersonal communication. It's a mysterious film, building dread through brutal kidnapping, displays of Bryukhonenko-inspired horrors, and the Crissman character, who Carter employs as the critical figure of eerie face-value judgment. It takes nearly an hour for "Believe" to work up a sweat; the film favors the tempo of the series, not the bombast of the screen. Fans are sure to drink up every last frame. The less inclined might be checking their watches with increasing regularity.

I was immensely satisfied with Carter's intent, and his appreciation for Duchovny and Anderson, who really shines as Scully is dragged through a vigorous questioning of self. "I Want to Believe" is not a feature that provides instant results; instead, even with a handful of faults, it gets under the skin, offering the faithful a rewarding odyssey with these unlikely knights of the unknown.

Well, that's three of us who truly liked the film. I'm still eager and curious to hear input from anyone out there who has seen it and has some opinions.

Believe Again!


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