Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birthday Shout-Out

I just wanted to give a birthday shout-out to one of my favourite actors/personalities in Hollywood, Harrison Ford. Harrison, who proved he can never be too old to play the inimitable Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones, turns 66 today.

I know he's had a string of not-so-great movies prior to "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" but I'm sure if someone gave him a chance to play another Allie Fox, a la The Mosquito Coast or a John Book (Witness), you might get something more interesting out of the guy. Ultimately, I don't think he needs to take any movie jobs these days. Since he's more of a craftsman than an artist I find that he tends to not search out those juicy little roles in indie films or character parts in bigger movies, sticking to more traditional box-office leading man fare.

C'est la vie, I guess.

Anyway, happy 66th, Harrison. Hope it's a good one!


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