Friday, July 11, 2008

Favourite X-FIles Moments #3

For someone who is most definitely not a 'shipper' (someone who desired a love/sex relationship between Mulder and Scully on the show) I'm kind of posting a lot of relationship type scenes here, aren't I? That may be a result of the availability of cool non 'shipper' scenes on YouTube, though. I'll keep looking until the 25th.

This particular scene is a nice quiet one between the main characters after Scully has a rather poignant solo adventure (written and directed by Gillian herself) where she is forced to examine her life and the choices she has made over the course of it. I like these quiet scenes between these two actors because they have so much chemistry and play off of each other so well. It helps when they're well written, too.

I'll try and step up the posts leading up to the film's release.

As always, I'm curious which episodes/moments are perhaps your favourites. Don't be shy. Feel free to share.

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