Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ramping Up to Spidey 3

Only a short time before the premiere of the the third installment in the Spider-Man series and the hype machine is working overtime. Not that I'm at all surprised by it, but I can't click anywhere on the web without seeing an interview with a cast or crew member who worked on the film.

The few I've read with Tobey, Kirsten or Bryce Dallas Howard generally leave me wanting but I love seeing the stuff on the usually quiet Raimi. Short of listening to his audio commentaries Sam has, in the past, been one to stay just outside of the spotlight. He does the press junket like everybody else but when you've got people like Bruce Campbell or Rob Tapert hamming it up for the fans, it's not a difficult task to sidestep the mob.

Moviehole has an interview with Raimi which I enjoyed and thought I would link to because I always share the love when I find an interview I enjoy. In it Sam talks about the movie, the choices they made with the characters, and the question as to whether or not he would return for a fourth film. In the past he has said three would likely be the end, but he doesn't sound convinced that the answer would be no this time around.

And while on the Raimi subject, check out this news item from FirstShowing.net which talks about Sam and a number of Pulp heroes who are looking to hit the big screen.

Onwards and upwards!


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