Friday, April 06, 2007

"Good News Everyone..."

Kudos to those of you who know where the subject line comes from.

I wasn't sure what to post today since I'm kind of in a downer mood. At the moment I'm sitting in the dark and listening to the 3000+ songs in my mp3 library on random and updating the sidebar on the ol' blog. The virtual picture of cool, I know.

On the plus side, the shuffle has just hit the Animals songs which is sort of fitting my mood right now and putting a smile on my face. For anyone who doesn't know who The Animals are, I linked to the Wikipedia entry a little bit back for the enquiring minds amongst you. They're best known for their song "House of the Rising Sun" but they did a lot more than that. Some of the best R&B to come out of the UK in the '60s.

Anyway, there were a few news items that I've bookmarked from a week or so ago that really got my juices flowing (sorry for the image) and I figured I would get them off the computer and get a posting out of it.

First up is the happiest bit of info I've heard in a while, and that is the return of Nexus to comic book shelves and helmed by none other than Mike Baron and Steve Rude, the only two guys who should be writing and drawing this guys adventures. I remember reading a while ago that Baron and Rude had tried to bring the character back but couldn't agree on a storyline that made them both happy. It might have been in a Comics Journal interview. I'm pretty sure it was Rude who said that their respective politics had grown sufficiently apart to make it all but impossible to do any new stories.

So, imagine me in that same pose you see Horatio in to the right when I got the news and you'll have an idea of how happy I am to hear about this. I'm waiting with bated breath, to be sure, and best of luck to everyone at Rude Dude Productions. I hope Steve does well enough to make an honest go of it.

Next up comes from the almost-as-excited category and it involves the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles DVDs that I and Indy fans worldwide have been waiting for since...well, forever. IGN reports from the Museum of Television and Radio's William S. Paley Television Festival that they are being worked on as we speak and they will be coming out sooner than later.

In a related bit of news, IGN gives the scoop on the new Star Wars television projects courtesy of the same talk at the same festival. The story can be found here.

Another bit of of fuzzy newness that I picked up about a week ago was the news that Karl Moline, one of my favourite artists and all around swell guy, has not in fact died, been abducted by aliens or given up comics to join a reclusive sect of monks in the Ozarks. What he will be doing is a new series based on a set of characters first introduced by Brian K. Vaughan in the pages of Runaways. These guys are called Loners and the book will be written by C.B. Cebulski. COMICON>COM has the info here, as well as some beeyootiful Karl Moline pencilled pages.

And last but certainly not least, Kitchen Confidential, one of my favourite television shows of all freakin' time, is finally coming to DVD. For the life of me, I can't convince my friend Carly to watch the show despite being written with a razor-edge wit and featuring 4 or 5 very hunky looking guys in and out of kitchen gear, but I strongly urge each and every one of you out there in the blogiverse to check this show out if given the chance. Hell, if they're inexpensive enough when they come out some of you reading this may even get them as gifts from yours truly.

The only thing I think missing from them that they should have are audio commentaries but at this rate, I'll take anything they give me.

Click through the link above to get details and see a pic of the box art.

And with that I go back to my sulking and digital naval gazing.

Onwards and upwards!


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