Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Janjetov is In & Charest is Off of Dreamshifters?

According to Charest's own MSN Group it appears he will not be finishing the Dreamshifters Metabarons graphic novel he's been working on for the past 6 years. Longtime Humanoids alumn, Zoran Janjetov, looks to be stepping in to finish whatever pages are left currently undone for the book (probably 20-30).

In one of his posts he states:

Let me clear up a couple of things, I choose, unwisely, to try do the book, fully painted. The reason I redid pages was because in my opinion I messed up the first time, not because I was told to. Don't throw any pity parties for me, this is a clear cut case of an artist getting a little too precious with the work and forgetting the realities of publishing completely.

I'll be the first to say that Charest has taken his sweet-ass-bloody-time with this story, but I'm still of the club that wishes to see him finish it. He hasn't been a total prima-donna about it and I appreciate his honesty in the statement above and in others he has made on his group. Still, like he says, there are certain realities to publishing and it's totally understandable that Humanoids will not let him continue on the project in the same capacity. It would be nice, though.

And no offense to Janjetov, either. I love the guys stuff, I really do. If there has to be a go-to guy to finally get this project finished than I can't really think of anyone better to do the job.

Either way I'm looking forward to this book no matter who is doing it.


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